Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
There is a "Discount Code" field on the purchase page. What do I put in that box?
Nothing. That box may be kept blank. If you are a member of OCI your course will be automatically discounted at the membership rate.

Why aren't I receiving discounts for courses?
By creating an account with the Oklahoma Counseling Institute, you have the ability to keep track of all CEU courses you purchase and complete through OCI. However, our membership program is an additional feature to OCI accounts. If you are not receiving the membership discount on our CEUs (which is often a savings of 20-40% on each course), you can join our membership program by clicking here. It is free for the first 6 months, so give it a try!
I am a member. Why aren't I receiving discounts for courses?
The initial free memberships expire after 6 months, but don't worry! You can easily renew here to continue to receive the discount. 

What if I can't access my course?
If you are having difficulty accessing your course, return to the course purchase page and make sure you are logged in. You will be able to tell if you are logged in if the top right had corner of the page reads, "My Account" and not, "Log In." As long as you are logged in, you will see the course open at the bottom of the page. You must open "Step 1" first to open the rest of the lessons.  You will not be able to view the course video or listen to the audio until you open Step 1.

What if I do not see my purchased course in the "My Courses" section?
After purchasing your course, please return back to the course purchase page. You must return back to the course purchase page and open "Step 1" before the course will show in the "My Courses" section. Remember to ensure that you are logged in by seeing the term "My Account" at the top of the page. 

What if when I try to access my purchased CEUs it says, "first name and last name can’t be blank" and won't let me access my account?
Usually, when that error occurs it is due to the first and last name fields not being filled in on the user's profile. If the name isn't filled in, the CEU side of the website won't open since it doesn't detect a name to put in the CEU certificates. To remedy this, return to your account on the Oklahoma Counseling Institute website and fill in your first and last name fields. Then save your changes, refresh your pages, and return to the CEU page. You should then be able to log in and access your CEUs.

Where do I find my certificate of completion?
After you complete all five steps in the course, your certificate will appear under the "My Certificates" tab of your profile. A copy will also be emailed to you, but may take up to 15 minutes to arrive in your inbox. You will be able to download a PDF of your certificates any time after completion! 

Are all courses approved for continuing education? 
All courses meet criteria for continuing education by the Oklahoma Board of Behavioral Health for Oklahoma LPC and LMFT license holders, by the Oklahoma State Board of Licensed Social Workers (provider #20220088) for Oklahoma LCSW license holders, by the Oklahoma Board of Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselors (certificate #20220018) for LADC and CADC license holders, and for Oklahoma case managers. Please review the individual course description for pending approvals for your specific license. 

What if Step 1 will not open?
Some browsers, including Safari, may not keep users logged in as they navigate from page to page. If you are clicking on Step 1 and no hyperlink is forming, make sure you are logged in. You can tell if you are logged in if the top right corner of the webpage reads, "my account." If it reads, "log in" you must log in to access the course. 

...but I am logged in and it won't allow me to click "Step 1"!
In this case, try logging out of the course page and logging back in. Now try clicking "Step 1". 

What if I still need help?
We are happy to answer any questions, or help with any technical glitches. For assistance please email us at [email protected] or call/ text (405) 440-3034 and Hayley or Micah will get back to you as soon as they can. In addition to being tech savvy phenoms, they are also practicing clinicians so it may be the next business day before they are able to return your call or email.

You are important to us! We will get back to you soon.